The Magnetic Chess Set


Magnetic Chess Set

Chess is a board game that is still enjoyed by many people in the world today. When it started, it was all for fun. People played to stay entertained and bond with their family and friends. In the world today, chess has taken a more professional angle with hundreds of chess tournaments being held each year. Others just play to enjoy it. It’s a challenging and addictive game, and this is what makes people love the game so much. Because it is so challenging, it is a good workout for the brain. The young ones have not been left behind in playing the game. Most learning institutions have introduced it as an extra curriculum activity for the students by organising tournaments for schools. It’s a game that never ends as it’s played on and on and passed on from generation to generation.

Benefits of the magnetic chess set

The magnetic chess set was developed so as to keep the pieces from getting misplaced when one is away from the board. When you move, or knock against the board by accident, the pieces will remain in place. People get excited when playing chess and end up knocking against the board while celebrating. The excitement is cut short when you knock off the pieces and realize that you have to start the game all over again. This can be quite frustrating. With a magnetic set, you will never have to go through this as the game will remain intact.

Since the board and pieces are magnetic, you can play in a moving vehicle or on a flight. Some are made in such a form that you can turn the board upside down, and the pieces will not fall off. With a magnetic set, you can continue with the game from where you left, instead of starting afresh.

Owing to their portability, the magnetic chest sets are popular chest sets to play with. They are usually small in size and thus suitable for travel. There are dozens of magnetic chest sets that you can find on the market today. They vary in both size and styles. You can look at the features of several and then choose one that meets your requirements. Below are some examples of magnetic chess set that you will find on the market today

Handcrafted Magnetic Chess Set

    • Handcrafted Magnetic Chess Sets are designed by skilled craftsmen to produce fine quality sets.

  • You can get a unique, outstanding set. If you want something out of the usual, consider a Handcrafted Magnetic Chess Set. You will be the envy of your friends when you pull out an exceptional handcrafted set. It would also make a great gift for a loved one or friend who loves playing chess.
  • Some of the materials used to craft sets include superior light and hard wood which is very attractive. Due to the efforts, time and materials used the handcrafted pieces maybe a bit pricy. But the price is worth it considering the quality.


Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

  • It has a good aesthetic appeal compared to other magnetic chess sets. The wooden sets look beautiful.
  • Magnetic chess sets provide a wide range of choice to users. They are made from different types of wood including ebony, redwood, rosewood, maple, Sheesham, palm, cheddar and many more. Ebony and rosewood are very difficult to carve and thus sets made from this wood are a bit more expensive.

Pocket Magnetic Chess Set 

  • A Pocket Magnetic Chess Set is very ideal for travel. It takes up minimal space and is so compact yet gives you all the features you need to enjoy your game.
  • As the name suggests, they are tiny enough to fit in one’s pocket.
  • Light weight. Its a very manageable weight that can fit in your pocket. The weight will vary depending on materials used, quality and manufacturer.
  • It’s a great asset to start learning chess. Ideal for kids too. This doesn’t mean that experts can’t enjoy playing on it. It provides an outstanding experience for all.

If you have a large magnetic chess set, you can buy the Pocket set for use in areas that you can’t take your large one to. This way you will never have to skip playing just because your set is too large to travel with. With a Pocket Magnetic Chess Set you will keep the action going no matter where you are.

If your kids love playing, the Pocket Magnetic Chess Set would be a perfect gift for them. They can carry it in their bags and play on the bus or during their free time.


Staunton Magnetic Chess Set

  • Comes as chess pieces and flat chess boards
  • Sometimes the package will be a folding chess set including storage
  • They are often used in tournaments with specific standards
  • Mostly available in black and white but you can get colored ones too.


Mini Magnetic Chess Set

  • Easy to carry when you travel since they won’t take up so much space
  • You can play anywhere you like since it’s very portable. You can play in the house and then carry the set to the backyard and complete your game there. However, since the pieces are small, you have to be very careful when playing with children mainly those under the age of 3 years. Store the pieces well as they may be harmful to the small kids.


Large Magnetic Chess Set

  • Portable but they are bigger, and you will thus need more space for them
  • A Large Magnetic Chess Set is very a good choice if you prefer paying outside. They are perfect for outdoors.
  • Pieces are big enough, so you don’t have to worry about your kids. However, it is always better to supervise the little ones when they play.

With the wide selection in the market you will surely find something that suits depending on when and how often you play. Prices for different magnetic chess sets will vary too, but you will surely find something that is within your budget.